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Why are the juvenile delinquent centers being filled up with teenagers? What makes these
kids end up in the system when they could be out there, achieving great things with their
lives? What can be done to stop this disturbing trend? These are only a few of the questions
plaguing the minds of people who genuinely care about juvenile delinquents in society.

However, to find a solution to the growing problem, we have to identify the root cause.
Juvenile training centers would not have many teenagers if they were giving the right
guidance from the start. However, it is not just about putting them in a correctional facility
to get corrected. It’s much deeper than that, and that’s what prompted this book. Many
repeat offenders spend years in a correctional facility and end up with longer jail time. Why
don’t these facilities make any difference? This is because they don’t offer the right amount
of mentoring and coaching that juvenile delinquents need to identify their wrongs and

However, a book that teaches them how the universe works will help them understand the
law of repercussions and how they have to deal with the results of their actions. So, are you
a parent currently dealing with a juvenile delinquent? Are you running a youth
organization and need an excellent book that can help in your efforts to help these kids?
Are you a juvenile detention center director passionate about seeing the number of kids
locked up reduce drastically? Then, this book is just what these teenagers need to read.
Through reading this book, they will learn:

 The importance of thinking positive
 The importance of using your time wisely
 The importance of getting some type of education.
 The importance of loving yourself first.

This book is for you and the kids as it teaches them that it’s not too late to take the right
path. With this, they can learn how to become responsible adults in the future. EXTRAORDINAIRE FOR JUVENILE DELINQUENTS


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