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About Think Positive Everyday

 First I want to thank you for visiting my website, thank you. My name is Bruce Buckner I am 33 years old I have two smart, beautiful daughters Brukiya and Bru'coya. My brand Think Positive Everyday is all about personal development. 

This brand came to creation  when I was doing a bid in two of the most dangerous prisons in the United States. FCI Terre Haute, and USP Terre Haute. While living in the prisons I was writing for therapy.

Writing was a way out of prison for me.

One night in a dream God spoke to me. He said, "Bruce use your book to help others stay out of prisons. So that is my purpose while living on this beautiful journal of life. To inspire positive thinking.

So here on out I am here  to inspire at risk youth as well as adults of the world to Think Positive Everyday with my books.  And show how to switch gears in the brain when a negative situation comes up. Them Negative thoughts in a negative situation needs to be tame because I know where they will put a person. 

In my slide show you will see different mug shot pictures of me. Which show you I have been caught by the police numerous of times.

Also you will see a picture of me on  FCI Terre Haute prison yard. Also a picture of my GED which I got in Terre Haute. Also a HTC certificate of achievement from Dan Lok. A  work shop certificate from Daymond John. And a picture of Nashville Juvenile Detention Center.

My books will be life changing for the young men and young ladies doing juvenile time. Way? Because reading about living in a place as scary as Terre Haute will be life changing for juvenile delinquents

Thank you again if you took time out your life to visit this website. A diamond quote from Mark Cuban ,

Live Life Like a Student.  

Sincerely, Bruce Buckner

Phone number 901-463-8211 email

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