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In addition to the book, Author Bruce has created a well rounded product line which includes; T-Shirts, educational materials, and more. If it isn’t positive or speaks of community, family and God’s empowerment, it isn’t Bruce Bruckner. Not many people have lived the life he has lived and were dealt that hand that he has been dealt, and live to tell it,

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Bruce Buckner is a Nashville, TN based Author who released his first semi-autobiography “LIVING LIFE IN TERRE HAUTE” to help and mentor youth worldwide. Whereas his story is compelling and to the point, it’s definitely worth every written word and syllable.

He originally wrote the book to inspire and uplift troubled youth. However he has found that youth and adults of all ages are enjoying the book and supporting his mission. Born and raised in middle Tennessee, Author Bruce is excited about this forthcoming mega city book tour. Nashville is the launch pad and it will always be home. However he knows that other cities and youth nationwide can benefit from his powerful message.

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