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Learning How to Make The Best Of A Bad Situation

There are a lot of young people and even adults who are caught in bad situation everyday. That takes them straight to jail , Bruce Buckner was one of those individuals. That constantly got on the wrong side of the law. After realizing it is a whole different world in prisons. Bruce started taking time out his day to write.

Which was therapeutic and a way out of prison for him . Having a dream one night which GOD spoke and said " Bruce use your book to warn Juvenile Delinquent. On how dangerous , scary , and lonely prison really is.

Life in Terre Haute is a book written to inspire , uplift , and educate Juvenile delinquent. On why making healthy decisions is way better then unhealthy ones. Through reading this book , they will learn:

                The importance of thinking positive

                The importance of using time wisely

                The importance of getting a education

                The importance of loving self first